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Nov 28, 2011 There is a free version available here .Christina Hendricks Photo: Andy Samburg/20th Century Fox It’s the billion-dollar question among female viewers of Mad Men: Is Christina Hendricks capable of the same kind of striking, iconic quality in the real world as she did on the show? Or is she just a work-from-home show-business housewife who walks a lot? In this new episode of Mad Men, “My Old Kentucky Home,” which premiered on AMC on April 24, Christina plays a Kentucky lady who’s a widow and a mother, and who’s taken a job as a head of household in a women’s college in Cincinnati — a move that separates her from her children and husband. In an early scene, she’s playing solitaire on her computer and making tea with a Keurig machine, and she’s extremely likable. “It doesn’t have the intensity of television,” she says in an interview. “But maybe that’s because that’s all I’ve done for a year.” The second time the scene appears is later in the episode, when, under the urging of her children’s father, she takes the train to visit them for the weekend. The children, who’ve taken up residence in her childhood home in Kentucky, are visibly afraid. Their father, an unemployed music teacher who’s in the middle of a divorce, has given them a rough time. She dotes on them, and buys them a new computer, and talks to them about their old home, and, while the kids are visibly terrified, they also seem as warm as ever toward their mother. “I think it’s also because I’m playing it for the first time,” she says. “I know how much they love it. It’s like when you go home and see your house. You have a sense of warmth that you can’t quite put your finger on.” Christina Hendricks Photo: Andy Samburg/20th Century Fox The audience response to this scene is overwhelmingly positive. Is the audience comparing it to what we’ve seen of her on Mad Men? Or is she just playing a real life version of the character Betty Draper? “I think people

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Flintlock Juno 106 Vst Download =LINK=

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