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My people

This life has blessed me with the opportunity to live all across this great United States from the southwest in Arizona to the midwest in Kansas and now Iowa, and even to the clear east in Virginia. I left my home state of Kentucky at the age of 25 never knowing anything else, and my eyes and heart; and most importantly my soul has come to know that home is truly where ever you make it.


The Army made my husband a solider but it made me step out of my comfort zone


I never thought I’d have to make friends. I grew up with the same set of friends my entire life, to this day at almost **cough cough** 35 they are still my best friends, but they didn’t move with me. Phone calls and text messages doesn’t negate loneliness, and sometimes you just need a hug from a friend, a girls night, or a shopping trip. Thank goodness for Facebook groups because I’m awkward as all get out in person.


Sometimes the best people you’ve never met enter your life unexpectedly and become your people


Remember how I just explained I’m awkward, some may call it quirky, eccentric, peculiar, what have you; those things that make me..well me, they also make me funny, and witty and I like to think likable especially in text form. I’m able to express myself easier and more openly in writing and therefore, have Facebook to thank for giving me some of the the best people I’ve ever known yet never met. My people.


Sometimes life blesses you beyond measure


I’ve been given incredible blessings since starting JTT packages. Not only in the form of getting to hear your amazing stories and see your precious kiddos, and not just the immense flood of joy my heart gets from helping, but also from the incredible donors we have. Renee, Gina, Phil, Alicia, Joshua, Jessica, Rebekah, Kayla, Makenna, & Rebecca your support means the absolute world to me and I’ll forever be indebted to you! I, of course, can’t forget the amazing people who helped us kick off JTT Packages with our giveaway Patrick, Tiffany, Nicole, Gen, Yvette, Gina, Amber, Jessica, Rachel, Renee, Sarah, & the team at Slumberkins! Your belief in my project and vision means the world to me. To all of those who have donated monetarily your generosity continues to amaze me ❤️


I don’t know what I did to deserve the people in my life but I’ll spend the rest of my days repaying them for their kindness, compassion, generosity, and friendship. You’re the best people.


My people.

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