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Does anyone know?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022


7 days

6 nights

Multiple X-rays


NG tube placement


Jude officially became a tubie on 6/10/21.

Without answers as to why this was even happening, we had no idea how long he’d need the feeding tube. To be quite honest we didn’t know much of anything, and neither did the doctors.

What we did know was that Jude’s blood calcium levels had remained high for so long that calcium had now built up in his kidneys, and we needed to keep him well hydrated to keep his kidneys flushed in hopes that eventually the calcium deposits would be excreted.


1200ml a day


To be completely upfront with you, I, as a fully grown adult don’t drink 1200ml/day. How in the world was I supposed to get my 1 year to? “Oh, and by the way what you’ve been feeding him for the last year won’t work anymore!” Here’s your new formula that has very low calcium and no Vitamin D. Guess what? He didn't like it.

Jude meet NG tube.

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