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A Bit About Us

Finding Purpose Amid Anxiety

Shortly after Jude's first birthday in June of 2021, our world was upended and has yet to return to its previous state of "normal". In the last 6 months, we've spent nearly a month inpatient, are now under the care of 18 specialists, have undergone 1 surgery, 3 MRI's, multiple procedures, endless lab tests, and have put more miles on our family van traveling the 2 hour round trip journey to the children's hospital than we could ever have imagined.  One incredible outcome from it all is we've joined the Tubie Tribe. In June, Jude received his first NG tube and in October we made the decision to go forward with the g-tube placement. Throughout this entire journey, we have been blessed to always have access to an incredible community of supporters, the latest in medical supplies, and have been able to purchase everything we needed to help both Jude and ourselves stay mobile and active. While we have been blessed, we at JTT know that simply isn't the case for everyone. As a Registered Nurse for more than 12 years, I often find myself filled with not only the anxieties of worrying about Jude, but also all of our fellow Tubie Tribe who may not have access to some of the same things that we do, who may be facing the fear of facing a new tube, who may have a financial need for more supplies, who may need a package to brighten up their hospital stay, so I've channeled all my anxieties into creating Jude's Totally Tubular Packages.

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